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For those of you who are interested here are links to my 2017 calendars, Colorado Ghost Town Guide Books, and subscription information for “Ghost Towns of Montana and Beyond” magazine which I contribute articles and photos to.

I thank you all for your continued support and once the snow melts I’ll be back at it in 2017!

Also stay tuned for my upcoming book “The Gray Ghost of Colorado” which is the definitive true history of “The Reynolds Gang” a Confederate Cavalry company from Texas which raided the South Park region of Colorado in the summer of 1864. Their story is an intriguing tale of exiled Colorado miners who returned to Colorado on military orders to disrupt Union supply trains and mail deliveries and steal Colorado gold and currency to fund the Confederacy late in the Civil War. The Reynolds Gang left behind a buried horde of stolen gold and paper money worth an estimated $3.5 million which remains to be found today.

The gang was ambushed, and several men made harrowing escapes, and those who were captured were murdered on illegal orders of Colonel John Chivington by members of the 3rd Colorado Cavalry. Many legends have sprung over the years about the Reynolds Gang, but my book is the only true account of events and is based on the cold, hard, facts with the sources and documentation to prove all of the “accepted” versions of the story to be lies. My book will rewrite the history of The Reynolds Gang with irrefutable evidence.

“The Gray Ghosts of Colorado” should be available by May 1, 2017 and I will post updates here.

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