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If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I have mentioned the book I am writing on The Reynolds Gang numerous times, and that I have said “It’s almost done” a thousand times or so.  To provide an update, last fall I was just about to pull the trigger and call the job done and get it published when entirely by accident/stroke of luck/divine intervention whatever you want to call it, I came across some major evidence that has never been uncovered before that blew the top off of much of the work I had already compiled!

With this new, extremely important, evidence coming to light, there was no way that I could publish my book without including the new material I had just discovered.  Adding the new material has required me to rewrite a couple of segments and rearrange some of the contents.  That is where I currently am, and that is where the project stands. The new material was far too important to leave out of the book, and will a great deal to the overall history of The Reynolds Gang when all is said and done.

So for now, the book is still “in the works” or shall I say “reworks”? I will certainly post updates and provide infoirmation when the publication date nears.

Many Thanks to all of you who have reached out regarding the book, and thanks again for your continued patience. When all is said and done, I think this book will paint an entirely different picture of the actual events regarding the true identites and origins of The Reynolds Gang and the actual facts behind their activities in Colorado Territory in the summer of 1864.

Just a teaser of what will be included in the book-

  • Family history and genealogy of the Reynolds brothers, the first definitive identification of who they were and where they came from.
  • First hand accounts of the Reynolds brothers early days in Colorado Territory
  • Flight of the Reynolds brothers and associates from Colorado Territory
  • Confederate Army enlistment records of the entire Reynolds Gang 
  • The return of the Reynolds brothers to Colorado Territory in 1864
  • Detailed, contemporary accounts of the manhunt, capture, and execution of the members of The Reynolds Gang
  • Detailed accounts of the escape of three members of the gang
  • Detailed accounts of the post-Civil War search for The Reynolds Gang buried treasure- Who searched, when did they search, and what did they find?
  • Copies of historic documents, newspapers, photos, etc. regarding The Reynolds Gang
  • Much, much more!!!

Stay Tuned!

J.D. Eberle