A Ghost Town a Day For 30 Days- Day #5- Puzzler, Colorado

Posted: April 5, 2020 in Cemeteries and Graves

Day #5 of A Ghost Town a Day For 30 Days features Puzzler, a small, short-lived gold and silver camp located in Boulder County, Colorado.

Puzzler sprang up around a rich gold deposit located in 1890 near the intersection of California Gulch and Left Hand Canyon. The small community died out shortly after a flood wiped out a trestle bridge at the head of California Gulch, ending railway operations beyond Puzzler. A handful of cabins were located at the site, as well a school house, and a Post Office which operated from 1898 to 1903.


Puzzler- Already long abandoned when these photos were taken by renowned Colorado ghost town chronicler Muriel Sibell Wolle in the 1940s

I visited the Puzzler site recently on a rumor that the simple school house still stood tucked away deep in the pine and aspen trees, but, much like all rumors, it turned out to be untrue- The school house was just another among the piles of toppled boards and logs at the site.


What may have once been the school house at Puzzler as it sits today

The concrete foundation of the stamp mill still exists, as do some of the timbers from the mine workings. Some rusty shards of tin roofing, milled wood boards, and rusted nails in various piles around the site indicate where the buildings once stood.

download (1)

The concrete foundation of the mill and ore bins in the 1940s, photo by Muriel Sibell Wolle


The mill foundation today


Remnants of mine workings at Puzzler


download (3)

A shack at Puzzler in the 1940s, photo by Muriel Sibell Wolle


Remnants of the same shack today, flat on the ground and nearly consumed by nature


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  1. Michael Lohr says:

    Hey there!
    I am curious if you have been able to locate any more photos of the puzzler camp & mine. I work for Boulder County’s historic preservation team and we are currently in progress of restoring one of the old boarding house structures of the Puzzler mining camp. The first photo you show in this post, the structure furthest to the right is the main structure of our restoration project. I have been struggling to find any images of that specific building as it was before the early 2000’s. This photo you have in this document is the first I have seen of it as it was when it was while it was still intact.

    If you do have more information on this site, or any other photos that you have come across in your research I would love to chat!

    Thank you!

    Michael Lohr

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