Day # 6 of A Ghost Town a Day For 30 Days features Bluebird, a picturesque mining camp in Boulder County Colorado. Bluebrid requires a round-trip hike of 3 1/2 miles to reach, but the trek is well worth it.

Bluebird dates to the early 1870s when a rich silver vein rumored to assay at $6,000 per ton was discovered. Bluebird was an up-and-down mining camp until as recently as the 1950s when the veins finally played out. Parts of the 1966 film “Stagecoach”  starring Ann Margaret and Bing Crosby was filmed at Bluebird.


The centerpiece of Bluebrid is the 2-story bunkhouse

Today there is plenty to be seen at Bluebird- The mine workings, the stunning bunkhouse with its wooden porch, the toppled log remains of the earlier 1870s era bunkhouse, the stone and brick mine manager’s home, and most unusual for a 10,000 foot elevation setting- A stone-lined swimming pool with centrally located firepit used to heat the waters!  The rushing waters of Boulder Creek and stunning views in every direction are the icing on the cake at Bluebird.


Backside of the bunkhouse


The small, arched window was used by the camp bookkeeper distribute pay to the miners


Front door to the bunkhouse


Front porch/boardwalk of the bunkhouse


The collapsed remnants of the earlier-1870s era bunkhouse



A view south looking over the Bluebird camp


The mine manager’s house


Staircase leading into the seemingly out-of-place swimming pool


Swimming pool right outside the front door of the mine manager’s home


Central firepit inside the swimming pool used to heat the waters


Animal pens used for livestock kept at the Bluebird camp


Building near the entrance to the mine


Shed at the mine


A chipmunk waves “hello” from the boardwalk at Bluebird

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  1. Michael Lohr says:

    Another great post. A co-worker and I spent an entire summer restoring that ‘swimming pool’ in front of the Moore house (the stone house with the teal paint) I was always told they kept a stock of trout in there. But I don’t know if that is true or not fore sure.

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