A Ghost Town a Day For 30 Days- Day #17- Mt. Dora, New Mexico

Posted: April 17, 2020 in Ghost Towns, New Mexico, New Mexico Ghost Towns, old west, Road Trips

Day #17 features Mt. Dora, New Mexico


Mt. Dora is one of the many tiny ghost towns scattered across the eastern plains of New Mexico just a short distance from Oklahoma and  Texas.




I can’t find much history on Mt. Dora other than it had a Post Office from 1908 to 2002, a general store. and is named for nearby Mt. Dora, a 5,710 foot prominence that stands out on the vast prairie of Union County- Another in a series of extinct volcanic cones in the area. There were ten or so buildings and a number of foundations scattered in the grass.



When I passed through Mt. Dora I didn’t see any human beings, but one or two houses looked like they were still occupied. There was a healthy population of all-black cats freely roaming around the fields, dirt streets, and abandoned buildings of Mt. Dora. It was clear that black cats called the shots here, and that they outnumbered people ten-to-one!


The Mayor of Mt. Dora, sitting in front of the general store, kept a close eye on me while I passed through town- Just one of a large herd of black cats that had free range across the community

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