Photo Blog: 20 Abandoned Buildings On The Colorado Plains to Visit Before They Are Gone

Posted: May 11, 2020 in Colorado History, Colorado Road Trips, Ghost Towns
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The eastern plains of Colorado are home to a large number of ghost towns, “almost” ghost towns, and small towns that feature abandoned buildings, both business and commercial. Here is a quick trip to 20 of them-

1. Cafe- Karval, Colorado


2. Schoolhouse- Clifford, ColoradoNoColo47

3.  Hardware Store- Matheson, ColoradoNoColo50

4. Grocery Store- Agate, ColoradoNoColo6

5.  Service Station- New Raymer, ColoradoNoColo71

6. Bank Building- Brandon, ColoradoNoColo25

7. General Store- Willard, Colorado

8.  Garage-  Briggsdale, ColoradoNoColo102

9.  General Store- Aroya, ColoradoNoColo94

10.  Wonder Tower- Genoa, ColoradoNoColo76

11. Schoolhouse- Thatcher, Coloradothatcher1

12.  Storefront- Nunn, Coloradonunnx1

13. Railroad Roundhouse- Hugo, Colorado


14. General Store- Fondis, Colorado


15.  Storefront- Dearfield, ColoradoNoColo18

16.  Schoolhouse- Arriba, ColoradoNoColo32

17.  Methodist Church- Keota, Colorado


18. Hotel- Last Chance, Colorado

19. Church- Deer Trail, Colorado


20. Business district- Seibert, Colorado



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  1. Keith A Kemmerer says:

    What a great series of pictures from all over the eastern plains, forgotten, but not yet totally gone. If these walls all had working tape recorders, what stories that could be told.
    Looks like the Thatcher School Dst service pick up got dropped off in front of the school, and just left to rust!
    Thank’s for your efforts! Much appreciated!

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