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Since forest fires have most of the National Forest closed down in Colorado and we can’t get out and explore much, here is a completely random collection of 25 picturesque abandoned buildings from across the Centennial State. Enjoy!

1. Crosson’s Store- Yampa, Colorado
2. Coal miner’s home- Engleville,Colorado
3. General Store- Andrix, Colorado
4. Farm house- San Acacio,Colorado
5. The Soda Shop- Pritchett, Colorado
6. Home- Ironton, Colorado
7. General Store- Rugby, Colorado
8. Miner’s cabin- Geneva City, Colorado
9. General Store- Garo, Colorado
10. School/General Store/Post Office- Elkhorn, Colorado
11. Trading Post- Gardner, Colorado
12. Store Fronts- Como, Colorado
13. Farm House- Baca County, Colorado
14. Bunkhouse- Buckskin Gulch, Colorado
15. Miner’s Cabin- Boston, Colorado
16. Ranch House- Park County, Colorado
17. Jail- Berwind Canyon, Colorado
18. Home- Arbourville, Colorado
19. Fancy House- Cripple Creek, Colorado
20. Miner’s Shack- Cameltown, Colorado
21. Assayer’s Office- Rollisnville, Colorado
22. Mine Office- Derry Ranch Placer, Colorado
23. General Store- Eldora, Colorado
24. Masonic Lodge- Central City, Colorado
25. Home- Stringtown, Colorado




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25 Abandoned Buildings In Colorado You Must See Before They Are Gone

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Powderhorn, Colorado- Ghost Town In the Gunnison Country

The eastern plains of Colorado are home to a large number of ghost towns, “almost” ghost towns, and small towns that feature abandoned buildings, both business and commercial. Here is a quick trip to 20 of them-

1. Cafe- Karval, Colorado


2. Schoolhouse- Clifford, ColoradoNoColo47

3.  Hardware Store- Matheson, ColoradoNoColo50

4. Grocery Store- Agate, ColoradoNoColo6

5.  Service Station- New Raymer, ColoradoNoColo71

6. Bank Building- Brandon, ColoradoNoColo25

7. General Store- Willard, Colorado

8.  Garage-  Briggsdale, ColoradoNoColo102

9.  General Store- Aroya, ColoradoNoColo94

10.  Wonder Tower- Genoa, ColoradoNoColo76

11. Schoolhouse- Thatcher, Coloradothatcher1

12.  Storefront- Nunn, Coloradonunnx1

13. Railroad Roundhouse- Hugo, Colorado


14. General Store- Fondis, Colorado


15.  Storefront- Dearfield, ColoradoNoColo18

16.  Schoolhouse- Arriba, ColoradoNoColo32

17.  Methodist Church- Keota, Colorado


18. Hotel- Last Chance, Colorado

19. Church- Deer Trail, Colorado


20. Business district- Seibert, Colorado



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Haswell, Colorado was founded in the early 1900s, some accounts say 1905, others say 1908. Haswell sprang up along the line of Missouri Pacific railroad and once had a population of around 200 in its peak days.


Buildings along the main street in Haswell.


A vacant home along Highway 96 in the center of Haswell

Today Haswell, like most of the other small towns in Kiowa County struggles to hang on. Today only around 60 residents remain in and around Haswell. The highlights of Haswell are the old Texaco gas station which you can’t miss along Highway 96, and the tiny jail, which the residents boast is the smallest in the United States. Unfortunately when I visited town, the view of the jail was obscured by vehicles so I couldn’t get a photo.


The Old Texaco gas station- A new tin roof will ensure it is around for a few more years.


One of the many empty houses in the residential section of Haswell

Haswell is a combination of abandoned or empty storefronts, grain elevators, service stations and residential dwellings. When I passed through around half of the buildings in town were vacant.  Someone was barbequing and the smell drifted through the tiny town. At a small part on the western edge of the community two boys played baseball and stopped to wave as I passed by.


This old building with its aerial tower out back had the looks of an old radio station.


A row of forlorn shops on the west end of Haswell.


Another vacant house in town

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Abandoned Western Colorado- Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of the Rockies



Last weekend I headed headed east onto the great high plains for my first visit to Arlington, and obscure Colorado ghost town which dates to 1887 when it sprang up along the Missouri Pacific Railroad line in sparsely populated Kiowa County roughly 120 miles southeast of Colorado Springs.


One of the old shacks that remains at Kiowa County’s Arlington

En route to Arlington my mind became lost in the endless flat expanse, covered in a short stubble of the previous year’s blonde prairie grasses. Here and there a patch snow occupied a shadowy depression in the flats. People out here, in this forgotten corner of the Colorado landscape, are few and far between. It had been thirty minutes or so since I saw another motorist, and I was daydreaming when I sped past the Kiowa County Sherriff who quickly flipped a U-turn, lights flashing, and pulled me over. Ten minutes, 4-driver’s license points, and a $188 fine later I was back on my way to find Arlington.


Another Arlington shack

Taking Highway 96 southwest out of the tiny town of Eads, I rumbled down the blacktop for another 35 miles without seeing another motorist, then I reached Arlington. Arlington is defined by a few occupied farm houses and out buildings that straddle Highway 96, then the old town site just off the pavement on a dirt road to the west.


A hack and the schoolhouse which mark the west end of the Arlington town plat

Three blocks appear to have been platted and developed at one point in Arlington, but that was long ago. Today only the dirt streets remain, along with a couple of abandoned shacks, and the stunning two-story Arlington schoolhouse which can be seen from a distance as you approach the ghost town. One small home remains occupied on the northeast end of the old town footprint, but nobody was home when I passed through.  I spent a few minutes snapping photos and wondering what Arlington once looked like. It must have been something in its prime since it had a two-story schoolhouse, an oddity out here on the plains.  Not much to see these days in Arlington, but the old schoolhouse is worth the trip!


Arlington schoolhouse- Worth the trip!


North end of the schoolhouse


You can see the schoolhouse at Arlington from several miles away as you approach Arlington


East side of the schoolhouse


The old school appears to be the place where all of Kiowa County’s bald tires go to die

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With the meteoric population explosion in Colorado, more and more of the State’s past is being lost to the bulldozer and replaced with new construction. Here is one last look at 25 old dwellings before they vanish- 

#1- Lake County


#2 Washington County

anton1#3 Saguache County


#4 Baca County


#5 Teller County


#6  Weld Countyjeo1

#7 Park County


#8 Costilla County


#9 Lincoln County


#10 Hinsdale Countycapc2

#11 Park County


#12 Morgan County


#13 Costilla County

Russell#14 Weld County

Farmhouse Near Grover#15 Teller County


#16 Gilpin County


#17 Las Animas County


#18 Gunnison County


#19 Chaffee County

16best12#20 Park County


#21 Costilla County


#22 Las Animas County


#23 Summit County


#24 Baca County


#25 Costilla County



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