My Book “Life. Death. Iron” Set For Publishing Late-August 2013

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Ghost Towns
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Here’s a teaser of my book series “Life.Death.Iron.” The proof copy of Volume I: Life” is done and ready to print.

I’ve done 3 volumes, 8X10 inches softcover, 50 pages each. Vol.I “Life” is photos of ghost towns, Vol.2 “Death” is pics of abandoned graveyards, Vol. 3 “Iron” is abandoned machines and mining equipment.

I’m looking at having a run printed around the middle or end of August, that should be ready to deliver around mid-September.

I will be setting up an online account for pre-orders and orders this week. Price is $35 (sorry publishing is expensive) Volume II: DEATH and Volume III: IRON will be printed with the profits from Volume I.LDI1 LDI2 LDI3 LDI4 LDI5

  1. Tanya says:

    Can hardly wait…get up the site so I can pay u already! We have waited a long time.

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