My New Book- Abandoned Northern Colorado- Ghosts of the Great High Plains- Released Today! Get You Copy Here-

Posted: August 24, 2020 in Colorado History, Colorado Road Trips, Ghost Towns, old west, Road Trips
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Abandoned Northern Colorado: Ghosts of the Great High Plains is a collection of photographs taking you on a tour of Colorado’s Northern High Plains region. Author and photographer Jeff Eberle spent much of the last decade traveling the back roads and 4 x 4 trails of Colorado in an effort to capture a few final images of the state’s rapidly vanishing past. Covered in this book are the areas of Colorado north of the Arkansas River and east of the Rocky Mountains. Inside you will find images of the ghost towns, dormant grain elevators, forgotten cemeteries, and abandoned homesteads of Colorado’s prairie. The author hopes to help raise awareness and public interest in the preservation and protection of Colorado’s historic sites and structures. What one might see as merely an old, rusty eyesore, another sees as an aged beauty who stood silent witness to the hard work and struggle that gave birth to the Colorado we know and love today.


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  1. Paul Gray says:

    Hey, JD!  Thank you, I will definitely order a copy!  I haven’t lived in Colorado now for more than 20 years (I grew up in Colorado Springs) but I still have a longing for the high plains of eastern Colorado.  I drove many a mile on a lot of those dusty back roads.   At one time, I helped a local history club in Colorado Springs (associated with the local history museum there) document the remains of the branch line of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (collectively known as the “Rock Island”), which ran between Colorado Springs and Limon.  I don’t suppose any of it remains today.  The last vestiges of it, which I recollect, was a short spur (which branched off of the Joint Line from the downtown rail yard at the Santa Fe freight house) running along Constitution Avenue in Colorado Springs, which was taken over by Santa Fe after Rock Island folded in the late 80’s.  That entire line was abandoned, save for that short spur, which was used to service a furniture warehouse about once a month or so.  That line was finally abandoned sometime in the mid 90’s, probably shortly after Santa Fe’s merger with Burlington Northern.  JD, you have actually inspired me to do the same here in Florida!  There are a lot of abandoned cemeteries, courtyards and the like here in East Central Florida where I currently reside, about which many people are unaware.  Sadly, many of these places have been leveled by hurricanes or swallowed up by swamps over the intervening decades, but some still exist in some form.  My particular interest is in railroad history, but searching for old homesteads and cemetery plots is a branch off of that main line.  Perhaps one day I shall publish my own book.  One never knows. 

    Best Regards,Paul Gray, Melbourne, FL

    *~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength.”

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