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On a quiet July morning in July 1864 nine gaunt, half-starved men appeared on the streets of Canon City in Colorado Territory.  Mounted on the backs of skin and bone horses, each haggard man, with lips cracked and skin bronzed by the summer sun, carried two pistols and a rifle. The nine strangers wore a ragged melange of Union blue, Confederate gray, and civilian calico. The Canon City locals thought that one or two of the men seemed strangely familiar. Silently, the men passed through town, disappearing into the sandy hills along the Arkansas River to the west.

Over the next month these mysterious visitors would commit a series of robberies along the old Fairplay-to-Denver stagecoach road. Dubbed “The Reynolds Gang” their escapades would come to a violent crescendo high in Geneva Gulch where they a shootout with a pursuing posse would send the gang scattering into the night. But before The Reynolds Gang dissolved, they buried a treasure of gold, coin, and paper money worth an estimated $40,000 in 1864- a treasure which has never been found…or has it?

The deeds of The Reynolds Gang have morphed into one of Colorado’s greatest Old West legends- a legend of violence, murder, and buried treasure that still captivates the minds of people today. But is the story we have been told for the past 160 years the truth?

The answer to all of the questions regarding The Reynolds Gang can be found in the newly released book The Reynolds Gang Unmasked- The Legend, The Truth, The Treasure by Jeff Eberle. Over a decade of research has revealed, for the first time ever, the true story of The Reynolds Gang- who they were, where they came from, and why they came to Colorado in the summer in 1864.

Part history, part mystery, and packed with rare Civil War era documents, illustrations, maps, and records The Reynolds Gang Unmasked- The Legend, The Truth, The Treasure is a must have for Old West and Civil War history buffs as well as treasure hunters.

6×9, softcover, 474 pages, hundreds of illustrations, photos, maps, and records.

Get your copy here- The Reynolds Gang Unmasked- The Legend, The Truth, The Treasure

The Reynolds Gang Unmasked- The Legend, The Truth, The Treasure is the definitive history of The Reynolds Gang containing material never before published!

After a mistake between the publisher and myself which saw the wrong, unedited revision published and released a few weeks ago, the CORRECT revision has now been printed. My apologies for the mix up and to anyone who purchased a copy a few weeks ago- Your copy is the same as this release, unfortunately that first run will contain a lot of typos and errors.

Anyhow, here is a link to the CORRECT revision-

In the summer of 1864 a gang of outlaws dubbed “The Reynolds Gang” carried out a series of robberies in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Their escapades came to an end with a wild shootout in a secluded gulch, and the subsequent arrest, trial, and execution of the gang members. Along the way, The Reynolds Gang buried a treasure of gold and currency that is still searched for today in the foothills west of Denver, Coilorado.

The Reynolds Gang Unmasked is the very first in-depth work regarding the gang, and covers the legend, the truth, and the treasure hunt. The author positively identifies the members of The Reynolds Gang, and conclusively proves they were Confederate soldiers from the 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment carrying out clandestine military orders far behind enemy lines in 1864. Also solved is the true identity of brothers Jim and John Reynolds, leaders of the gang.

Over a decade in the making The Reynolds Gang Unmasked is treasure trove of long-forgotten, supressed, and material. Exhaustive research supported by historic military documents, census records, newspaper articles, and family genealogical data make The Reynolds Gang Unmaksed the definitive history of The Reynolds Gang, their buried treasure, and those who have sought their hiden fortune. A must have for any Colorado, Old West, or Civil War history buff!